December 5, 2016

Two Days in Porto by Shut Up and Go blog

You’ve got two days in Porto. The good thing is: you need about two hours to see the main sights – you may think you’ll be running around to see the city, but by the third and fourth hour, you’ll start finding yourself doing laps. Porto is relatively small, with its city center only totaling around 300,000 residents. It’s a well-known Portuguese city that’s even been deemed by many legit travel sites as the next big thing in Europe (I feel like that’s everywhere), but to me, it still totally feels like a small town. Although I did spend more than two days in Porto, I think you can get a good feel of the city even if that’s all you’ve got. If you’ve got more, don’t worry; you can go slower and do even more. For example, I drank dupla pingados at one of Porto’s oldest cafés, Café Progresso. I danced at well-known clubs along Galerías de Paris and had more low-key nights at Café Candelabro. I did my grocery shopping in tiny supermakets like Mini Preço and experienced the Walmart-like megastores like Jumbo. These were things that happened in my few days in Porto, but if you’ve only got 48 hours, here are my recommendations: …

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