August 12, 2016

Porto and Gaia

"This photo from Porto, North is titled 'Porto & wine'.

Vila Nova de Gaia, or simply Gaia is located south of the city of Porto on the other side of the Douro River. Well known for its cellars where the world-famous port wine is stored and aged."

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August 10, 2016

Try Porto: The Best City in Portugal for Expats

"Today Porto is newly chic. Wine bars and trendy restaurants dot the city. Its urban beaches on the nearby Atlantic put sand and surf within easy reach. And its cozy, historic city center, with its colorful tiled buildings and its parks and squares, invites exploration.

Porto is one of Europe’s most popular “vacation-break” destinations.

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Featured at, a new report from International Living finds that Porto—with low costs, mild climate, and a friendly and sophisticated culture—it's an excellent destination for expat retirees!