The Waterboys at Vilar de Mouros 2016
September 4, 2016
Orquestra Sinfónica do Porto
September 5, 2016

An article by The Guardian about “Rem“, a  Rem Koolhaas documentary filmed by his son Tomas:

“Set to premiere at this year’s Venice film festival in September, Rem is the culmination of film-maker Tomas Koolhaas chasing his busy father across time zones for four years, from taxi to departure lounge to construction site and back again, forming a whirlwind travelogue-portrait of the world’s most talked-about architect.”, wrote The Guardian.

In Porto you may visit one of the most iconic works of Rem Koolhaas architecture: Casa da Música

Watch the first trailer created for the Rem documentary, where you can see Rem Koolhaas’s Casa da Música architecture explored through parkour.