Monuments in Porto and North of Portugal
September 29, 2016
Porto: Music and Architecture
September 30, 2016

In Porto you can find extremely interesting works by Portuguese and foreign architects.

We suggest a tour through several areas of the city which will allow you to know contemporary architecture a little better.

In the nineteenth century and early twentieth century, the face of Porto began to be shaped by architecture masters such as José Marques da Silva (1869-1947), Arménio Losa (1908-1988) and Cassiano Barbosa (1911-1998).

However, it was Alvaro Siza Vieira (1933) and Eduardo Souto de Moura (1952), master and disciple, who introduced the “School of Porto” to the world, both winners of the Pritzker prize in 1992 and 2011, respectively.

Follow our guide to Porto’s comtemporary architecture